The Devil is in the Details.
LOLi Connors: No probs, Ana. I know a place where we can get some grub.
Anaruto: Really, with what? We’re both dead broke unless you’ve got some money I don’t know about.
LOLi Connors: My old buddy, Nelli works there, she’ll cover for us. It’s your typical port station diner, but the food’s decent…
LOLi Connors: Hmmm, apparently they also do catering…
I thought the apple was a nice touch, in case he woke up and got hungry on the way to the Medical Bay. LOLi was one of the characters in Splortgate but ORIGINALLY she was made for this comic’s spin off which was a sex parody of Robert Aspirin’s Phule’s Company series about a group of mercenaries and the comic was going to be called Full Metal Hentai. The mercenaries are going to get introduced and woven into Portcall Uranus currently. AND REMEMBER IF PORTCALL STAYS IN THE TOP 100 at Top Webcomics for next Wednesday there will be another update.