The True Cost of Friendship.
LOLi Connors: Heya, girl it’s been awhile…
Herman Crabbe: Mark my words, that under cooked slab of bacon’s going to be nothing but problems!
Nelli Notches: We’ll see, anyway it looks like we’ve got customers… Welcome to the Crabbe’s shack, that’s the crabbe.
LOLi Connors: What?! You don’t remember me?
Nelli Notches: Should I?
LOLi Connors: It’s ,me LOLi, I came all this way so we could catch up!
Anaruto: Sure, friends. Doesn’t seem like she knows you at all…
Nelli Notches: Alright, how much money do you need…
Anaruto: I stand corrected, she knows you quite well.
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