A Year’s Supply of Mormon Pork.
Nurse Ruby storms up: AHA! Found you, you worthless piece of pork! How dare you do that to the doctor!
Bam Bams Kennedy storms up: How convenient, a greasy spoon. Warm up the grill cause I’m gonna start slicing up some bacon!
Herman Crabbe: Erm, actually, Nurse Ruby was here first…
Nurse Ruby: Oh, that’s fine. I’m really in the mood for some bacon.
Herman Crabbe: Considering how many females he has pissed off, I’m starting to wonder if he was a Mormon…
For some reason I seem to remember Mormons being required to have a year’s supply of food on hand. When I lived in Utah the stores (including Wal-Mart) all had a section of BULK food of most major brands, I remember looking at the peanut butter section and thinking I didn’t know Jif, Peter Pan, and Smucker’s CAME in 5 gallon containers.